Visual Invoice Design with SpotInvoice

At IdeaSynthesis we do a lot of contract software development, and over time we've sent (and received) a lot of invoices. When we started out a lot of the invoices we sent/received were created from Excel spreadsheets, using large accounting packages, or using badly-written custom invoicing applications that involved filling out one or more forms on the web.

We thought that there had to be an easier, more interactive way to to go about creating an invoice: something that is simple to fill out, very easy to see what the output would look like, and hopefully more attractive than an Excel worksheet!

So we built our vision: SpotInvoice. A simple, visual invoice designer. Add single items as well as quantities. Add as many invoice items as you want, spanning multiple pages. Track simple taxes and existing balances. Customize with your name and logo (if you've got one: no problem if you don't!).

While we're there we can fit in some simple tracking: when you printed an invoice, when you sent it, when/how it was paid. All optional, but making it easy to track how and when you get paid (which is an important part of the invoice exercise!).

We think visual design makes everything better: your changes show up instantly, and when you're done you hit a button and you've got a perfect PDF you can print out on any printer (or attach to an email).

Try it out, let us know what you think: new users automatically get access to all the features for the first 14-days, no credit card needed.


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