SolidSync Location Log Released!

We've published the next application in the SolidSync series of location productivity applications: SolidSync Location Log.

Available for $1.99 in the US Play Store (or an appropriate equivalent in the non-US markets), it provides a simple way to see and log your location over time. This log stores the location, time and (optionally) NMEA data at configurable update intervals, handy for car/bicycle rides or jogging routes.

You can then export the log as a KML file that can be opened up in Google Maps, Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth. In addition (the truly nifty part for us) we can integrate it with the latest release of our SolidSync Network/Bluetooth GPS application. This allows NMEA data recorded by Location Log to be replayed over either Bluetooth or TCP/IP, meaning you can use your Android device to record a location log and then play it back into another application at will: no need to carry the entire computer with you any longer.

You can read more about the software and find pointers to the Play Store on our product page, or read our detailed help file that shows all the capabilities of the current release online. Available in the Google Play Store:

or if you have a barcode scanner app on your Android device, give it a whirl:

So please try it out: send us feedback, let us know what you think!


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