Disable clipboard sharing when using TightVNC to connect to a Mac

Been gearing up to do Mac development (both OSX and iOS), and for convenience have been trying to connect my Windows XP development machine to my Mac development machine. After enabling remote management and VNC screen sharing on the Mac, I fired up trusty old TightVNC on my Windows XP box, established a connection by IP, and thought "Done. Lets go!".

Or not. Quite weird: after about a minute, it just stopped working. TightVNC is running, it is showing the screen on the Mac, but no updates are coming through: the mouse isn't moving, keypresses aren't registering, and when I use the mouse/keyboard connected to the Mac no changes occur to the TightVNC window. Baffled, I kill the window, reconnect, we're back in business. For about another minute, then rinse and repeat.

Much foolishness ensues: I change encoding, change compression, try UltraVNC, and just as I'm about to download Vineserver from Macports I run across this gem. The useful part of the dialog is (as it often is) buried at the very bottom.

This is a known issue with clipboard incompatability.

For Example a TightVNC connection configuration file will contain disableclipboard=0. Change that value to 1 and your VNC server on the MAC side will not crash.

So I update TightVNC to disable the clipboard, and we're golden. A bit of a pain, not being able to copy and paste across machines, but we'll take it.


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