SolidSync Network/Bluetooth GPS release 2.0.0

We've released version 2.0.0 of our GPS solution, and this comes with some bug fixes: a big thank you to all the users who sent in error reports. Let us know of any client software you happen to have difficulties with, we love to hear about these as they point us in the right direction for fixes. In this case we've been able to confirm that the app works with ESRI®'s ArcGIS Desktop 10: we'll be putting up a detailed configuration tutorial with screen shots in the next week or so (update: you can see it here), as well as a configuration tutorial for Metageek's Wireless InSSIDer. Please send us any desktop applications you are interested in using with the app: if we can obtain copies of the application we will try and ensure compatibility as well as put together a configuration tutorial.

The new version also comes with a name change: instead of Bluetooth GPS it is now Network/Bluetooth GPS. We've integrated support for serving of NMEA data over TCP/IP. The software can handle (a single) Bluetooth and (multiple) network connections (over WiFi) simultaneously. There isn't a large amount of software that currently supports NMEA over TCP/IP but there are some interesting potential use cases for this and we wanted to get the foundation for this out there. Expect more from us in the next couple of weeks around this.


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