SimpleEye Bluetooth Weight Scale Released!

We've published the Android Market's first Bluetooth weight scale client!

Our next release in the Ashametrics series of smartphone clients just came out! We're quite excited to release the Bluetooth Weight Scale Client in the Android market. This connects to a number of Bluetooth-enabled weight scales, allow all the data the scales capture to be saved, tracked over time and shared on any Android-2.0 or higher smartphone or device.

As with our previous release, it is a simple interface to a scale that lets you pick a scale, connect to it, and after a couple of setup steps your phone will even detect when the scale is turned on and automatically initiate a connection! We support manual entry of measurements (for folks who don't have Bluetooth-enabled weight scales), and charting over time of the stored measurements. You can also share your measurements over SMS or email. In this initial release we support the Tanita™ HD-351BT Bluetooth Wireless Digital Weight Scale and the Tanita™ BC-590BT Bluetooth Wireless Body Composition Scale, the second of which provides detailed body composition data. Take a look:

This shows a timestamped measurement with total body fat and BMI as captured by a BC-590BT.

This shows a chart of the saved measurements.

We capture all the measurements but only display a subset of that data at this time: future releases will support charting of different measurements, and manual input of additional information (such as height, to be used in BMI calculations). We've got big plans to also support additional scales: stay tuned for more information.

As always, we've got more coming: look for additional releases over the coming weeks.

In the mean time, we're in the Google Play Store right now. You can read more about the software and find pointers to the Play Store on our product page, or read our detailed help file that shows all the capabilities of the current release online. Available in the Google Play Store:

or if you have a barcode scanner app on your Android device, give it a whirl:


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