Wordpress's invisible pricing information

Was looking at blogging solutions: wordpress.com seems to be fairly widely recommended (Travell over at http://travellperkins.com/ called it "amazing that you can pay $10 for a scalable site that won't go down").

They have some premium features that really make it look nice: custom domains, no ads, videopress. Wonder how much it costs? And then the adventure begins.

Pricing appears to be impossible to obtain: look at the front page for pricing information, its nowhere to be found.

The premium features page (http://en.wordpress.com/products/)? Got all the lovely info, but no prices. References to the Upgrades tab AFTER you've signed up.

I think this captures my sentiments on this: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/please-be-more-up-front-about-upgrade-pricing.

Shouldn't be this hard to figure out how much it'll cost. I'm told its a standard B school technique, allows for "favorable" deals. That's helpful. So much for price transparency.

Hidden prices. Not just for enterprise software vendors. Hopefully, they'll fix this soon.

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